About project

Nordway industrial and logistics complex located in the suburbs of Saint-Petersburg, Shushary settlement, where industrial infrastructure is expanded rapidly and large enterprises are concentrated, started functioning in 2012. The complex was designed by using the best world practice. The main goal of this project is to satisfy demand for large warehouse complexes outside the megapolis. It allows our customers to optimize logistics and develop their businesses in the most suitable place without doing harm to ecology of the large city. The complex includes 4 separate Class A buildings with total area of 105 611 m2.


The complex is equipped by modern highly reliable engineering systems to provide comfortable conditions needed for work both in industrial-warehouse premises and offices.

Concept of territory planning and planning of internal premises for different purposes is quite flexible to be able to take into account specific nature of work and individual requirements of each tenant.


The complex is situated in the southern part of the city along Moscow Highway – M10 route, in immediate proximity to the Ring Motorway – 4.5 km, in Shushary-2 industrial area in close proximity to Toyota, Suzuki, GeneralMotors, and Magna plants.


In 2014 Nordway complex won a prestigious award CRE Awards as the best warehouse complex in Saint-Petersburg.