Lease of premises

Warehouse No 3.

Planning of warehouse no. 3 allows efficiently configure rented area, depending on the specific features of lessee’s activity – it is possible to configure units with the possibility to load on two sides of warehouse or reduction of building depth for quick “cross-dock” operations.

Warehouse no. 3 with total area of 40 635 sq.m consists of 14 units. The area of the smallest unit is – 2899.29 sq.m. Each unit has warehouse and domestic premises, charger room, office premises and mezzanine.  The units are located in two rows of 7 in each. Such location provides the possibility to unload the cargo from one side of the warehouse and unload from another one, saving time and resource.

Typical unit:

Warehouse premises – 2461.78 sq.m.

Charge room – 41.75 sq.m.

Domestic premises – 40.40 sq.m.

Office – 192.48 sq.m.

Mezzanine – 106.27 sq.m.

3 Load houses with high-quality dock levellers

Gas heating

50 KW power supply


Tel. +7 931 251 87 43

Fax. + 7 812 372 52 53


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